What Happens To Your VELUX Skylight In A Hail Storm?

September 1, 2014

These VELUX skylights are installed in Byron Bay. After the storm had damaged the hot water units and several other installations on the roof and around the house, the insurance company requested an inspection of the skylights.

Just a few month before this hailstorm, VELUX released the results of a hail test which simulated a hailstorm with cricket ball size hail stones fired at the 2004 High Performance Glass. Exceeding 172 kph (faster than any fast baller ever) they failed to break the glass. Please find the official hail test study here
VELUX_Hail Test_2013
and enjoy the short clip made during the testing.

In this particular case we where able to replace the flashings and cover strips on the windows and keep the price at a fraction of what it would have cost to replace the complete windows and most importantly there was no mess for the customer since all work was carried out on the outside of the building.




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