Velux Skylight Installation

Skylights – Pitched Roof

Perfectly designed to withstand the world’s harshest climatic conditions, all VELUX products are of the highest quality and will perform superbly for a lifetime of faultless service.

Fixed skylight are available if you only require light, however, we recommend you consider an opening model to provide fresh air and vent rising heat. Simply put, hot air rises to the ceiling and has somewhere to go – out through an opening skylight! It’s a great way to help keep the home cool without AC

Skylights – Flat Roof

VELUX flat roof skylights provides abundant daylight and controllable ventilation. With both manual and solar electric flat roof skylights available, talk to a Woodtex expert to assess what would be the best fit for your environment.

Sun Tunnel Installation

Woodtex specailise in VELUX Sun Tunnel installation. Each Sun Tunnel has been designed from the ground up to provide maximum flexibility for installtion. Rigid Sun Tunnels are suited for roof spaces with minimal obstructions, whereas the Flexible Tunnels are perfect for roof cavities with obstructions.

Sun Tunnels are ideal for hallways, walk-in robes, pantries, toilets and other small areas without natural light.

Talk to a Woodtex VELUX expert today about how we can make your skylight visions a reality.

Enhance your living with Velux Skylights

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