VELUX On Display

August 28, 2015

Over the last 6 month, several ACT based builders have constructed their new display homes in the new suburb of Coombs.

VELUX is a very well known and thought after product in the capital region.
Needless to say that we got very excited when the opportunity came up, to install a whole range of VELUX products in these new display homes.
Being able to design and work closely with builders and the VELUX head office in Sydney, to create something very unique that has the “wow” effect was very much right down our alley.

Canberra has one of the highest temperature differences through out the year, from minus degrees on clear winter mornings to 40 degrees plus on hot summers days.
These extremes means good insulation and double glazing is pretty much standard in this part of Australia.

On several occasions we where able to witness frost on the outside of the VELUX units, even though the house was heated inside to comfortable 20 degrees over night. This shows the great benefits of having double glazing in colder climates to minimise heat loss over night through your glass areas.

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