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Dimensions:550 × 780 mm



The thermal performance of VELUX Skylights can be enhanced with the inclusion of a blind. Tailor-made to fit perfectly to each size of skylight, they are easy to install and are supplied with aluminium side channels allowing blinds to be positioned as any
point on the skylight.

No additional electrical control system required when adding blinds.

  • Provides blockout from light
  • ¬†Colour:
    • White on internal side
    • Silver coating on external side
  • Materials: Light-tight polyester with heat resistant coating
  • Aluminium side channels and top cover
  • Reduce light by approx 100%
  • Reduce heat by approx 40%^
  • Easy to fit using VELUX system

Additional information

Dimensions 550 × 780 mm
Product Type



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Technical Performance

Technical Performance

Reduce Light
Approx 100%
Reduce Heat
Approx 40%



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